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Jacob Purdy House, White Plains, New York

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 jacob purdy house

What happened here:

Place name(s): Jacob Purdy House

Location: White Plains, New York

Event in Hamilton’s life: 

Alexander Hamilton stayed in this house in his capacity as aide-de-camp to George Washington when the house served as Washington's headquarters from July 23 to September 16, 1778.

Get the Details: 

After Washington and the Continental Army lost Manhattan to the invading British during the summer of 1776, they had retreated to White Plains by mid-October. The Battle of White Plains (or Battle of Chatterton Hill), which took place on October 28th, was a small engagement that took place there. It is believed that during this brief time in White Plains, George Washington made his headquarters at the Jacob Purdy house. Alexander Hamilton was also stationed in White Plains at this time as a captain of the New York Artillery Company.

Hamilton would become George Washington's aide-de-camp on March 1, 1777, thereafter traveling and living in Washington's headquarters as part of the Washington's "family". Washington returned to White Plains in July of 1778, making his headquarters at the Jacob Purdy House. Alexander Hamilton arrived there just a few days later (by July 26th), coming from a meeting at Black Point, New Jersey with the French Admiral comte d'Estaing to propose plans for a joint attack on the British in Rhode Island. 

Hamilton then spent seven weeks in the Jacob Purdy house carrying out his daily duties as an aide-de-camp. Washington and his entourage left White Plains on September 16th to head to Fredricksburg, New York. 

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 Jacob Purdy House, White Plains

How to visit:

The original Jacob Purdy House Mansion still stands, though it was moved to a different location in 1973 from where it originally stood. In that same year, it was deeded to the city of White Plains. Today, it is the headquarters for the White Plains Historical Society.

Visiting Information: The house is open for special events. For more information, contact the White Plains Historical Society.

Contact Information

Address: 60 Park Avenue, White Plains, NY

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